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  • The enterprise today is under attack from criminal hackers and other malicious threats. As the enterprise network has become more secure, attackers have turned their attention to the application layer, which now contains 90 percent of all vulnerabilities, according to Gartner. To protect the enterprise, security administrators must perform detailed software code security analysis when developing or buying software. Yet such software code security analysis can be extremely costly—on-premises software solutions are expensive to purchase, deploy and maintain, and they can easily impair development timelines to the point where speed-to-market is compromised.

    By reviewing internally developed applications before they are deployed and third-party software before it is purchased, enterprises can find and fix a software vulnerability before it can be exploited for malicious purposes. The key to achieving superior software code security is to find a solution that can review large amounts of code as needed, in order to meet development timelines. A superior solution will also be cost-efficient, allowing the enterprise to optimize its security resources on the most significant threats. For many leading enterprises, SVATS offers the most effective and cost-efficient code security solution in the industry today.

Protecting your company’s data center systems is a high-stakes challenge. SVATS can help.

You’ve got a lot to juggle. Defending against constantly changing threats, supporting new technologies, and ensuring IT compliance. Legacy security products are siloed, expensive, and ineffective. That’s where the SVATS Cloud Platform comes in.

Custom Software Solutions to Solve Complex Business Problems!

In today’s fast changing business environment, it becomes all the more important for companies to employ custom software and web applications in order to improve customer engagement, optimize business operations and realize increased efficiency. At SVATS Technologies, we leverage proven development methodologies and unmatched technical expertise of our offshore software developers for defining, designing and developing robust software and mobile applications tailored to meet your specific business requirements and end goals. Our range of software outsourcing services in USA

  • Define, design, and build custom applications tailored to meet your specific business requirements. The focus is on delivering high quality and customized applications that are easy to scale and maintain.

    Software as a Service (SaaS)

    Manage access to your business critical applications and software using SaaS. The service allows you to access applications via Internet without the need of installing or maintaining them on an in-house server.

  • Create an indispensable user experience that goes beyond visually appealing screens. We create UI/UX designs that allow seamless navigation, quick information availability, and enhanced functionality.